You Have Rights!

As a consumer of mental health and substance abuse services in Oklahoma you have rights! There are many oversight agencies that govern the delivery of therapeutic services. Your basic rights are listed here.
1. Each consumer shall retain all rights, benefits, and privileges guaranteed by law except those lost through due process of law.
2. Each consumer has the right to receive services suited to his or her condition in a safe, sanity and humane treatment environment regardless or race, religion, gender, ethnicity, age, degree of disability, handicapping condition or sexual orientation.
3. No consumer shall be neglected or sexually, physically, verbally, or otherwise abused.
4. Each consumer shall be provided with prompt, competent and appropriate treatment; and an individualized treatment plan. A consumer shall participate in his or her treatment programs and may consent to or refuse to consent to the proposed treatment. The right to consent or refuse to consent may be abridged for those consumers adjudged incompetent by a court of competent jurisdiction and in emergency situations as defined by law. Additionally, each consumer shall have the right to the following:
(A) Allow other individuals of the consumer’s choice participate in the consumer’s treatment and with the consumer’s consent;
(B) To be free from unnecessary, inappropriate, or excessive treatment;
(C) To participate in consumer’s own treatment planning;
(D) To receive treatment for co-occurring disorders if present;
(E) To not be subject to unnecessary, inappropriate, or unsafe termination from treatment; and
(F) To not be discharged for displaying symptoms of the consumer’s disorder.
5. Every consumer’s record shall be treated in a confidential manner.
6. No consumer shall be required to participate in any research project or medical experiment without his or her informed consent as defined by law. Refusal to participate shall not affect the services available to the consumer.
7. A consumer shall have the right to assert grievances with respect to an alleged infringement on his or her rights.
8. Each consumer has the right to request the opinion of an outside medical or psychiatric consultant at his or her own expense or a right to an internal consultation upon request at no expense.
9. No consumer shall be retaliated against or subjected to any adverse change of conditions or treatment because the consumer asserted his or her rights.
A full copy of all rights will be furnished upon your request.


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