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Are you or someone that you know in need of services? Use this page to make a referral for any of our locations!

We accept the following plans: SoonerCare, BlueCross BlueShield, Health Choice, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare and Optum

Contact Referral Source upon Assignment


Primary Reason For Referral

Aggressive BehaviorChanges in sleep patterns
Desire to hurt self/othersFeeling worthlessHoarding
Loss of InterestPhysical/health complaintPacing/nervous
Relationship problemsAngry OutburstsCrying spells/tearfulness
Excessive daytime sleepingHallucinationsYelling/screaming
Low energy or fatigueDisruptions in schoolPoor concentration
Verbal aggressionChanges in appetite
Decline in personal hygieneFeeling hopeless
Hitting/Spitting/Throwing objectsIrritabilityMood swings
NightmaresSocial withdrawal/IsolationExcessive worrying

In Foster CareIn OJA Custody

YCO offers a comprehensive health homes services to address unique challenges and needs. YCO utilizes a TEAM approach to treat the WHOLE person. This fully customizable team can assist with things such as school advocacy, health & wellness education, locating resources and so much more.
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We strive to make the referral process as easy as possible! If you are in need of assistance or want to make a referral over the phone please call 866.926.6552.

Referrals will be followed up on within 48 hours. If you have sent a referral and have not heard from us then please give us a call to make sure that we received your information.

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